May 26th, 2014
by Tim Koeth

One of my favorite activities is nuclear spectroscopy. This is the isotopic identification of radioactive elements through the measurement of their radiation’s energies. The nuclear spectroscopist can measure gamma rays, x-rays, alpha particles, and beta particles.

Through gifts, surplus and eBay purchases I have assembled two complete spectroscopy systems.  I am continuously experimenting with other systems, but these two are kept in tact and are well characterized, ready to count at a moments notice.

The first system is for measuring gamma rays in the energy range of 40 keV to 10 Mev:


The second system is for measuring alpha particles up to about 10 MeV:


I mention these systems as many of my blog posts will utilize these instruments.  It took years for me to develop this lab.  Let it be an inspiration that the dedicated & patient amateur can assemble similar systems.



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